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By opening and/or using the information, services, links, functions, applications or programmes (hereinafter: "contents") offered on this website (hereinafter the "Website"), the user hereby agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below:

Copyright law:

The contents offered on this website and sub-sites are protected by copyright law. The downloading or storage of applications or programmes contained on the Website and the (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission, modification or linking of the contents of the Website shall only be permitted with the express and written consent of Raiffeisen Leasing International ("RLI").

Users are, however, entitled to print, download or store individual pages or segments of this website under the provisions of Austrian copyright law and only if the copyright notices or other designations protected by law are neither removed nor changed.

No solicitation or investment recommendation:

The contents of the Website shall serve only information purposes and shall not be considered a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any type of investment instrument under Austrian capital market laws or under capital market laws of other jurisdictions. All concrete investment decisions should be preceded by an appointment with an investment advisor.

Information content, timeliness of information:

RLI has made every effort to ensure reliability in researching the information published on this Website as well as in selecting the source of information used. Nonetheless, RLI does not assume any liability whatsoever for the correctness, completeness, timeliness or uninterrupted availability of the information made available on its Website or as regards the sources of information used.

Analyses or forecasts (e.g. with regard to markets, prices, companies etc.) published on the Website are based on the information available and the market assessment at the point in time stated in the respective publications. Company analyses may rely in part on information taken directly from the respective company's own sources. We do not assume and hereby expressly exclude any liability for the correctness, completeness or actual occurrence of the events described in the forecasts.

Certain financial data (e.g. stock exchange prices) may in some cases only be published after a certain interval of time has lapsed as defined by the data vendor (usually about 15 minutes). Furthermore, please note that many of the times are given in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Restricted access due to local regulations:

Due to the laws applicable in some jurisdictions or regulations imposed by capital market or securities authorities, some of the information published on the Website (e.g. stock analyses) is not addressed to private individuals. In order to ensure the enforcement of such local access restrictions, Raiffeisen International retains the right to take any (technical) measures it may deem suitable for restricting such information or segments of information subject to the aforementioned restrictions. The passing on of information contained on the Website, which is subject to local access restrictions valid in certain countries, to the persons stated in the relevant restrictions may constitute a breach of securities law or of other laws of said countries.

Links to websites or URLs of third-party providers:

With the exception of the cases regulated under § 17 of the Austrian E-Commerce Act, RLI does not assume any liability for the content of websites or URLs of other providers to which links are provided. Neither does RLI assume any liability for the uninterrupted availability or full functionality of the links to websites or URLs of third parties.

Exclusion of liability:

RLI makes no warranty and will accept no liability for any damages whatsoever (including consequential or indirect damages, or lost profits) relating to the access to the Website, the opening, use or querying of the contents on the Website or relating to the links set up on the Website to websites or URLs of third parties. This also applies in cases in which the possibility of incurring such damages was pointed out to RLI .

Furthermore, RLI shall not be liable for technical disruptions such as server breakdowns, operating disruptions or failures of the telecommunications links and other similar events, which could lead to the (temporary) unavailability of the Website as a whole or parts of it.

Storage of registration data:

RLI reserves its right to make certain areas of its Websiteonly available to registered users. By sending the completed online registration form, the user confirms the completeness and correctness of the data given and also confirms having truthfully answered the questions asked. Furthermore, by sending the completed online form, the user hereby declares his or her consent to the electronic processing of his or her registration data by Raiffeisen International for both internal banking organisational purposes and for transmission to other credit institutions within the Raiffeisen Banking Group, which may in turn also process, pass on or use such data.

Changes to the Webseite:

RLI retains the right to change and to remove the Website at any time (if necessary also without prior notice), in particular as regards changing existing contents (in full or in part) and adding new contents.

Please also take note of the general information provided pursuant to § 5 of the E-Commerce Act.

Sale of used goods:

Unless explicitely stated otherwise in an advertisement that is published on this Website for the sale of goods, RLI neither is nor shall be deemed to be the offerer of the goods offered for sale. If a user wishes to make a bid for a certain offer that is published on the Website he may do so by clicking the "BID"-button, provided that such a bid will without any obligation (for the bidder as well as for RLI) be electronically transmitted to that person who is indicated as the offerer. The decision whether to accept the bid made by a user and to enter into a purchase agreement with the user lies within the sole discretion of the offerer. Therefore, RLI neither makes any warranty nor accepts any responsibility that the respective offerer will accept the user's bid and will enter into a purchase agreement with the user.

RLI shall not be held responsible for the technical or physical state of the repossessed goods offered for sale. Also, Raiffeisen Leasing shall not offer any guarantee for the said goods. The goods shall be handed over to the buyers as they are at the signature date of the take-over protocol. For avoidance of doubt regarding the technical and physical state of the goods, Raiffeisen Leasing strongly recommends that the potential buyers first examine the goods before they accept the sale offer.